I first started working with Dr Mz about 6 years ago and at that time I was staggered by the variety of assistance that young people in Carmarthenshire benefitted from at the drop in centre. https://www.drmz.co.uk/

Young people involved in outdoor activity

Dr Mz provides a safe, stimulating environment for young people to meet up and socialise. I love working with the different individuals who are always pleased to see me. They often openly chat about what they have been doing and it is so obvious that through attending Dr Mz they have built up friends for life.

Over the last few weeks with the help of the staff and young people, I have been producing a film to showcase the volunteering work undertaken at the centre. This film is the perfect way to show funding supporters and sponsors how their financial input has really benefitted the young people.

Young volunteers doing local fundraising

The group are always excited to work with me. Sometimes they can be a little nervous to start off with, but they love taking part in the interviews and the group activities. 

The young people face many issues such as bullying, social anxiety, peer pressure, body image expectations, depression and physical or mental abuse cases. Some have disabilities and some are in the care system.  

Through the Ieuenctive Project the young people learn many new skills such as cooking, gardening, social skills, confidence and they take great pride in volunteering in the community.

Transitions group at Dr Mz

I love working on projects with the Dr Mz team, we have lots of fun, get many ideas from the young people and the youth workers who run the centre are friendly and helpful. The staff are so kind, patient and supportive which helps the young people to feel welcomed and safe.

As I drive away from Carmarthen I often think how lucky the children are to have a safe environment to go to, where they feel valued and respected and where they are encouraged to develop new skills for the future.

Well done Dr Mz, another great project 🙂