Video marketing is a really powerful tool and one of the newest additions to your promotion toolbox. You might think it’s too expensive, be unsure it will give you results or have concerns that you don’t have the time or resources – but we (the team here at Oddsox) can help you with all of that.

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s some stats and the proof in the pudding.

  1. Video captivates an audience. Modern internet users, especially those on mobile devices get disinterested if there is too much text to read or materials to browse through when making their purchase decisions. A video can put across your message across much more quickly and effectively than pages of words or a lengthy blog.
  1. Reach more potential customers.More people access websites through mobile devices than via desktops/laptops so using videos can also help you reach a wider section of your target market.
  1. Videos can also lead directly to sales. Adding a video on your landing page increases the chances of conversion by 80% or more.
  1. Seeing is believing. Studies show that 74% of users who watch an explainer video about a product will subsequently buy. Product or service videos can also give you potential customers an enhanced understanding of what you can offer them whilst developing a sense of personal connection.
  1. Greater search engine visibility. Most videos are hosted on YouTube, which is owned by Google. YouTube content is very visible in Google search results giving your video a really good chance of exposure. Google search bots also love video content and if you host a video on your homepage you are 53 times more likely to appear in the Google search than if you do not.
  1. Video has a good return on investment. It is a great way to learn and also very easy to consume. Your customers want to see your product or service in action. Video marketing can capture a wide audience and appeals to even the laziest Internet users.
  1. Video builds trust. Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Stop selling and provide potential customers with useful and interesting information, then they will come to you. Some customers are still a bit sceptical about buying online. Effective marketing videos present your product/service in a conversational style, which help viewers to connect to you. An individual approach makes customers feel important and gives them more confidence to make a purchase or get in touch.

We’re not saying that video is a miracle cure on it’s own, but when used effectively and combined with other marketing methods, such as written materials, emails and social media it can definitely strengthen your brand and increase sales.

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