Video Production

Oddsox specialises in video marketing & promotional films and we have extensive experience producing professional corporate productions across South Wales.

Video Marketing & Promotional Films

Are you thinking of ways to promote your business, products or events? Well why not invest in a cost effective video production with Oddsox. Visually, through various film techniques we capture and highlight the key aspects of your business, service or products, making sure you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We work with you to help you integrate your promotional video into your marketing strategy and can offer helpful tips on how to use social media platforms for marketing your new video production. We can produce your video either onto DVD, Blu-ray or into a digital format suitable for use on your website & the internet.

Industrial/ Health & Safety Productions

We have extensive experience in this area, producing high quality video productions for well-established clients in the Oil, Gas and Engineering industry in West Wales. Our professional approach to each and every video production we manage means we thrive on repeat business from our corporate clients in this sector. We will work with your Health & Safety or project teams to understand the corporate messages you need to deliver and then use our creative skills to encapsulate these into a visual production. Types of productions have included: Shutdowns & modification work, Fire Training, Radio procedures, Health & Safety videos, Specialised Engineering projects.

Training Videos

Ever thought about using something visual to engage your work force or deliver a specific message? ODDSOX can offer affordable training solutions that will ensure your employees are fully aware of specific business procedures, specialised work or safety processes within your workplace. We can work with your training specialists or offer our own ideas, to create a professional training production that will be informative and engaging to your viewers. A professional training video is a great multifunctional tool for any corporate client and allows a business to train staff on mass, making it an extremely cost effective solution.

Event Productions

Going live with ODDSOX provides the opportunity for spontaneous and interesting images and we are as excited as you to be able to capture the atmosphere and experience of your event. We are experienced in filming live music and theatre productions plus working within an array of community projects.

These categories give you an idea of the type of work we are familiar with; however we are always looking to get involved in new video projects and explore interesting ideas.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss with us or are not sure if we could help then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.