A new kind of Skylark Rising in Pembrokeshire

Last weekend consisted of a scorching film shoot in the quiet rural village of Hodgeston, in beautiful Pembrokeshire. Set up in a fruit orchard, in the baking hot sunshine and surrounded by angry horse flies definitely wasn’t the plan we had originally come up with! However, armed with a bottle of Jungle formula and a strong Power Phaser spray we were ready to make music, shoot film and take on the colony of horse flies.

I was working with two lovely, talented local ladies Ali and Sue who both from musical backgrounds have recently joined forces to create Skylark Rising, a warm musical duo consisting of acoustic guitar, flute and voice. These ladies love their music and enjoy creating rich but graceful melodies that are the perfect accompaniment to a wedding breakfast, afternoon tea on the lawn or an event that requires a relaxed musical atmosphere. They are also friendly and fun – just the sort of nice people that you would like to be part of your event 🙂

The ladies initially contacted Oddsox because they were interested in capturing some of their songs on film to use on their new website. After our first discussion and many interesting ideas later we decided to keep it simple and shoot 3 or 4 songs on location that we would then mix together to showcase their work. There were a number of suggested locations for filming; these included woods, a field, gardens, and a professional studio. Ali really wanted to include a shot, sitting playing guitar on a hay bale and Sue was more open to the outside garden idea, so hopefully overall we managed to combine both requests in the final shoot.

Our chosen location was in the grounds of a gorgeous renovated cottage, which boasted a fruit orchard, sunny south facing patio, small meadow, hay bales and an overhang barn belonging to the neighbours’ farm. What a find! We couldn’t have asked for a better setting and this gave us some beautiful backdrops for filming. We filmed a number of chosen songs in a couple of different set-ups. The patio seemed to give us the richest sound but considering we were filming outside with background bird noise and atmospheric sounds I was pleased with the quality of the audio.

Filming was fun 🙂 We had a laugh and enjoyed ourselves too. We had to stop filming at one point because a local farmer came to investigate what was going on. A lady in one of the nearby cottages could hear music and laughing and was concerned – “nothing this exciting usually happens in this quiet little village”, he said…I think we had caused a bit of a stir!

It was a real pleasure to work with Skylark Rising and the footage looks and sounds great – watch this space! I wish Ali and Sue all the best in their new venture and if you are interested in booking them for your wedding or event please call 07800779967 or find them on facebook today.