After our first thought of just recording one of the new songs that Jen’s Juniors were rehearsing, Jen discussed with me the possibility of adding some visuals. As we do, we met over coffee and came up with the idea of creating it into a Music Video style production where we could record the vocals of the song and then storyboard some scenes for the young people to perform in.

Jen worked with the group on the topic of ‘Friendship’ and what that meant to everyone. They wrote down any words or sentences that described what they believed friendship to be and we used this as the basis of our story, along with some other ideas from the group. The overall idea being that even if sometimes you feel alone, no-one is ever alone, there is always a friend nearby.

Following some detailed planning and vocal preparation for the group, we recorded the audio and filmed the scenes over 2 Saturday sessions. Everything ran fairly smoothly, although we did almost run out of time during the second session! It all came together in the edit, even though I had to include more still images than I had originally hoped.

The group can now proudly say they have produced their first Music video and both myself and Jen were impressed with the end result (especially with the limited time we had!).

Well done Jen’s Juniors – another experience to tick off the list 😉