After recently completing a promotional video for Amy’s business ‘Eat Well Feel Well’, it’s safe to say that I firmly believe the proof is in the pudding (so to speak!) I talk from first hand experience having been a sufferer of numerous health issues over the last 10 years, going from doctor to doctor with varying diagnosis and suggestions, without really finding a long term solution. It was not until I decided to change my diet and eating habits that I started to see a difference in my health and well-being. I started by cutting out some specific foods, mainly bread and carbs and then decided to go completely gluten free for a month to see how I felt. After just 1 month cutting out all wheat and gluten strictly, I felt so much better in myself and had loads of energy. I followed a gluten free diet for almost 12 months and felt so much healthier for it 🙂 I have recently started to introduce wheat and gluten back into my diet, but in minimal quantities and continue to eat as healthy as possible and gluten free when I can. I always know when I have overdone it on the ‘not so healthy’ food as I really suffer and feel so drained and tired. I am a firm believer that a healthy balanced diet is definitely a key contributor to how you feel in general. Finding this balance will always be a personal choice and experience for each individual, however if you would like to get some advice from a very supportive and knowledgable professional, then speak to Amy Desborough of ‘Eat Well Feel Well’.