Well look no further, Golden Manor Nursery has it all!

Working with children aged 6 months upwards was always going to be a challenge. I am sure any film maker will tell you that children are the most difficult to work with (yet probably the most rewarding) – after all what are they going to do next?! For sure, they are certainly never going to follow the script 😊, so with my rough outline plan and my biggest smile I started working with GOLDEN MANOR NURSERY to produce a promotional marketing film to increase awareness of their excellent childcare facilities.

Muddy hands making mud pies

What an exciting few days we had; setting up creative play, organising activity sessions in the separate rooms which cater for children of different ages. We were amongst the soft play blowing bubbles one minute, then messy play and outdoor activities the next. Onto the veranda decking surrounded by outdoor toys then inside exploring new textures like foam, rice and sand. The Children played out in the grounds on the slides, with the scooters and cars on the playground, played football, had snack and made mud pies in the woodland forest whilst searching for bugs.

Learning about bugs in Forest school

Lunch time was super ‘yummy’ and super messy where all the children were encouraged to feed themselves home cooked, nutritious pasta bolognaise. Some of the children showed me their ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ faces on the dining room wall which they choose after each meal to show if they like or dislike the choice of food.

Emmie showing she liked the pasta

The nursery is simply huge!

3 year olds exploring different textures

It has the added advantage of using a building that was once an infant school, thus being able to provide a stimulating environment and high quality childcare in a large centre with oodles of outdoor space. We were singing, dancing, screaming, lying in jelly, painting, gardening and finally sleeping (well…some of us!).

Messy play with pink foam

Not only were the children amazing but considering ‘making a film’ was totally new to the staff too I was surprised how at ease they were during the filming sessions. I was very grateful for their support and enthusiasm, even though recording their individual lines for the narrative of the film made them feel a little self conscious.

Everyone loves bubbles…

The final production seems to be a big hit with everyone and although a bit of a challenge, it was most definitely a lot of fun! I hope that this film portrays the excellent, high quality childcare that the nursery provide and really shows just how much fun the children have there 🙂

Under 2’s looking at a worm

For more information on the nursery please visit their website and contact them today  http://www.goldenmanornursery.com