The Funky Parents group at Dr Mz offers young parents and their babies or toddlers the opportunity to get out of the house, socialise and meet new people in a safe, comfortable environment. The group focuses on language and play and through organised activities with their parents the children learn and develop new skills.

We were asked to create a short promotional film for the group to highlight the key benefits to both parents and children and to encourage more young parents to come along. 

It was evident from the interviews that most of the mums find it quite lonely being at home all day with their babies/toddlers and that they benefitted greatly from the support and friendships of the other mums during the weekly session. 

They all explained that the group is very welcoming, friendly and they feel comfortable to discuss everyday struggles.   

Coming along to the open, loving group can also help combat self-esteem and break down depression and anxiety barriers.

The group runs every Thursday at 10am for free at Dr Mz Youth Project – so if you are a young parent under 25 living in/around Carmarthen please feel free to come and join in.