Aerial Services

Come Fly to new heights with Oddsox!

We are pleased to announce we now offer aerial videography & photography solutions across the UK using the latest in simple aerial technology. This can be booked as part of an add on to our standard video production service or as a stand-alone service just for an aerial specific project. We are also happy to provide a freelance service and work with other media production teams.

We currently fly a Phantom 2 UAS with the latest GoPro Camera attached to achieve stunning results in HD quality but at a lower cost to our clients than using some of the bigger and more expensive UAS. In addition to this we also offer a full in-house video editing service.

This aerial ‘birds eye view’ perspective allows for interesting shots that would not have been possible previously without the use of expensive Jibs or helicopters. With the use of a 3-axis high performance gimbal, capturing smooth, stabilized footage has never been easier. The phantom is light but rugged UAS, quick to set-up and perfect for getting to those hard to reach locations.

We can now take your video productions to a whole new level, capturing shots from ground level up to 400 ft. Using a transmitter and video link to a FPV monitor on the ground, enables the pilot and video crew to see the shots in real time, allowing for instant adjustment to framing & positioning in order to capture the best shots.

Our pilot & crew are BNUC-s qualified and all operations are conducted according to the current operational and safety regulations. We have full comprehensive insurance with public liability to fly up to 400ft with permissions for aerial work granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

We are happy to discuss any project, large or small covering a range of activities such as building, ground & land surveys, agriculture, sports, tourism opportunities and many more.

For more information, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. (Please note: this service requires strict planning & preparation, including a pre-site visit and is also weather dependant. So bear this in mind when planning your project or event)