Working with children aged 6 months upwards was always going to be a challenge. I am sure any film maker will tell you that children are the most difficult to work with (yet probably the most rewarding) – after all what are they going to do next?! For sure, they are certainly never going to follow the script 😊, so with my rough outline plan and my biggest smile I started working with GOLDEN MANOR NURSERY to produce a promotional marketing film to increase awareness of their excellent childcare facilities.

Muddy hands making mud pies
The final production seems to be a big hit with everyone and although a bit of a challenge, it was most definitely a lot of fun! I hope that this film portrays the excellent, high quality childcare that the nursery provide and really shows just how much fun the children have there 🙂
Under 2’s looking at a worm

For more information on the nursery please visit their website and contact them today