Nikki is currently running a 4 week film club for the young people at DrMz Carmarthen Youth Project. The aim of the film club is to introduce the young people to basic film theory and technique in practise, whilst allowing them to explore and develop their own style. We are also filming interviews with the young people on the benefits of their volunteering involvement with the youth project. These interviews will be used to show the volunteer project funders just how much the young people have benefitted from being part of DrMz and their range of activities/projects available. This is hugely important for the future of DrMz as they rely solely on project funding and sponsors in order to stay open and keep providing the services and support to the young people of Carmarthenshire.

The film club will run for 4 weeks and the material captured will be edited into a short film at the end. The young people are also using this activity to build up their time credits and gain a qualification in Video Production.

DrMz Tweet: “Film Club went well tonight! Thanks again! Lovely Domino’s too!”